We picked a honeymoon spot!

Hi, Friends!

I have been completely MIA from one infusion to the next, which means six weeks of inglorious inconsistency in my blogging!

I have been waiting on the sister to send me pictures from our sister trip. Annually we take a “sister trip” since both of us are officially adults now with adult(ish) paychecks. Last year was Napa when I ran the Wine Country Half Marathon with Team Challenge,
and this year we flew to Charleston for an extended weekend. AMAZING. More on that later, when I have beautiful pictures.

I highly encourage you to take a trip. Book that plane ticket when prices are low, friends. Because life is short, and you won’t always have the opportunity to just GO!

Today means exactly THREE months until the wedding. WHAT EVEN IS TIME?! Where has it gone??? Oh. And speaking of traveling…
…We booked the honeymoon!

*bow chicka wow wow*

After weeks and hours and hours spent deciding which Sandals resort we would book, we finally decided on Grenada. But then we were literally about to click the “BOOK IT!” button when curiosity got the best of us. Flights to Hawaii were a solid four hundred dollars cheaper total, so we decided nah. We aren’t really resort people after all. “How would you like to go off-roading in a Jeep to a secluded beach?” ALL THE YESSES.

So just like that, we flipped a switch and booked a bnb in Maui. We will allow ourselves one “resort day” where we get a couples’ massage, find a luau, eat a hundred dollar meal, dress up, get pampered. But the rest of the time, we are going to be straight adventurin’. Wouldn’t have it any other way! P.S. Not to hate on resorts, but we are going to save about $2,000 just by building our own Honeymoon IN Hawaii. INSANE.

Side note: Zack was totally stressed about buying Tommy Bahama dressy but casual linen resort-style clothes that look effortless, but totally cost $90 that he WILL NOT feel comfortable wearing. So exploring in Hawaii takes a huge weight off that poor guy’s shoulders.

Find what you love. GO ADVENTURING!

More soon.

Keep moving forward.



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