Wednesday Update: Wedding Stuff, Whole30, Food Triggers

Hi, Friends!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week. WEDNESDAY! One of my favorites.

Some catching up:
Went to a BEAUTIFUL Texas-themed wedding in the hill country of Central Texas this weekend. I sat with my sis since our dates had assigned seats with the groomsmen. Always a good time!
In case you’re ever wondering why your face flashes with the light of cameras, it’s because you’re wearing some type of SPF either beneath or in your makeup, by the way.

Wedding planning is in FULL swing at my house. I’ve been sketching out some things for party favors, and worst of all…ordering invitations.

I get it, people like wedding planners. I’d love to have one, but I don’t exactly have a never-ending flow of cash for something that didn’t make the cut for my priority list. BUT. Not having hired a wedding planner has forced me to be more creative, and dare I say, more organized (unless you count the pile of Save the Dates on the kitchen table).

So I went on some websites and away I went to searching for the very best wedding invitations. $600. $500 if I wasn’t picky. NO. MAAM. So I downloaded a template from Etsy for $13, found a $25 off coupon to print from Kinkos FedEx, and ended up spending less than $100 for invitations, RSVP cards, and info cards that are cuter than what I had picked out on the wedding websites. $500 saved dollars later…BRIDE ON A BUDGET STACEY IN DA HOUSE! *curtseys*

I started ANOTHER Whole30. I had to do something about my struggling energy levels, and once I make it through a week or so of this, I know I’ll be golden. After my first Whole30 I didn’t do the re-intruductory phase correctly (blame it on a birthday celebration), so my efforts of finding out which inflammatory foods are now trigger foods for my Crohnie body were in vain. I DID feel amazing, though.

Then, I fell off the wagon, got dragged behind it in the dirt, tried to get back on but fell off again, all while eating either nothing from having not enough of an appetite, or binging on sugar and salty things that I’d usually never eat. Normally I really don’t have a strong sweet tooth, so this was a hellacious adventure.

Fast-forward five months later, and I.feel.awful. I know that anything with corn in it (AKA MOST things in America) makes me symptomatic almost immediately. SAD because I LOVE PLAIN CHEERIOS, and they immediately make me a sprinter to the bathroom. Beyond that, foods with sugar make me sick *womp*, and I need to figure out what the heck else.

I haven’t eaten beef since I was diagnosed four years ago. I immediately cut it out because I knew it made life painful for me, and I haven’t missed it at all. When I’m at a burger place with my friends, they look at me with sad apologies,
“Sorry, Stacey. I know you want to join the beef burger party.”
“Actually, I’d rather not feel like dying today- you’re good!”
Zero temptation whatsoever.

But yesterday I was CRAVING beef. Mouth-watering when I thought about it. So I took it as a sign that my body needed it. I went to SNAP kitchen and got some beef coconut curry for lunch, braced myself for the worst, waited, and waited and…I NEVER got sick! PRAISE!

To wrap it up, my body is changing. I guess I’ve hit the mid-twenties. I want to try things I’ve never liked before and foods that were fine with me are now awful trigger foods for symptoms. (Oh, if you’re thinking that there’s no correlation between autoimmune symptoms and food, we can talk about that. Or better yet, please tell my colon that because it hasn’t received the memo).

So here’s to [another] Whole30! Here’s to wedding planning! And here’s to figuring it all out!

Keep moving forward 🙂

P.S. Autoimmune disease patients/ inflammatory disease patients, do you have food triggers? What are they?
Anyone ever planned a wedding without a pro?


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