Whole30 Update: Day 3

Hi, Friends!

Hope you’re having a great Thursday! Today’s a Whole30 update, but first I’ll start with my motivation for doing another Whole30:

1. I. Need. Energy.
2. I need to reset how I think of food and establish a healthier relationship with it. Sometimes I think, “You need to eat whole foods more consistently, Stacey. But first, LET’S BINGE EAT THIS PINT OF ICE CREAM AND GET IT OUTTA THE HOUSE.” And then I feel awful about it, “Why did you do this to yourself, Stacey? Ya big pre-hypertensive corpse.” SEE? This cycle of binging and self-loathing, I know you feel me, but it’s not good.
3. I need to control my symptoms. A good way to help is to get on an eating schedule, and cutting out the B.S. Thanks, Whole30.
4. Bridal shape. When you eat better, you just want to be more active. WIN. WIN.


Nutrition-minded Stacey LOVES to meal plan. I’ll do a post on this soon, but lately I’ve been traveling so often that I find a lot of my fresh foods going rancid *womp womp*, so I discovered Snap Kitchen that is basically my Whole30 lifesaver. LOOK at these stuffed peppaaaas! SO GOOD. If you live in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Chicago, or Philadelphia, swing by. You won’t regret it.

Also in case you are wondering, I have like three readers. I’m not getting any royalties from my free advertising. I genuinely think Snap Kitchen is amazeballs, and that’s why I’m lettin’ ya know.

Whole30 Blues:
Day three and I feel sluggish. I have an angry sugar dragon that rears her ugly face at me occasionally, but I wash her down with some water and sometimes a granny smith apple if I’m actually hungry. I know my body is trying to chemically and mentally adjust to not having sugar/crap  whenever I want it just because, which is tough. But it’ll be good. My goal is to only eat sugary things at celebrations in the post-Whole30 in the future, and only in serious moderation. It’s an inflammatory food; I have an inflammatory disease. Makes sense.

Some background: I do not eat fried food, dairy (unless in the form of probiotic yogurt, because that doesn’t pain me),  or processed meats. I normally don’t have a big sweet tooth, so no big deal…but lately I’ve been eating larger sugary portions than normal, and they’re addictive. Not cool. I also compromised at a wedding recently and ate fried.stuffed.avocado.with.cheese. and wanted to die a slow, painful Crohn’s attack death. KILL ME. SO yes, it is dang time for a Whole30.

I do NOT believe in dieting, mainly because they don’t work, and they can shoot your metabolism down the drain. I  DO believe in growing and consistently learning to make smarter, healthful decisions, and the Whole30 really challenges me to think about food differently, noting how I feel when I eat a bag of Doritos when I’m hungry vs. a fat and protein-filled snack, fueled by healthy carbs. I do believe that we should strive for progress, not perfection. But our bodies are incredible if we fuel them well, so fuel them well!!!

I picked up a bottle of this on my way to work and thought, “I need to take note of these ingredients so I can make this at home! I am STOKED to use my food processor again” GUYS. THIS. IS HUGE.

After four months of dealing with up and down, heavy anxiety…this is a sign that Stacey is alive somewhere deep in my swirling thoughts. I haven’t felt like experimenting with foods, cooking, creating, which is seriously NOT me. Anxiety (and depression) has a way of sucking the life out of you, leaving you with false promises that you’ll never enjoy the hobbies you once did. If you’re struggling with anxiety and depression, don’t believe those thoughts. YOU are more than your thoughts. I am confident that you’ll come back stronger, just live one moment at a time. Sometimes all you need is a small reminder to make you smile and say, “HERE I AM!” and sometimes that comes in the form of a delicious chai cashew shake.

Wedding crafting with the roommate’s dog this morning. Riggins thinks he’s “the one”. P.S. Etsy is nuts to charge over $100 for a sign. $30 and a marker later… ta-dahh

Hope you all are having a great week. Hang in there!

Keep moving forward 🙂

P.S. Have you done a Whole30? Thoughts? Has diet helped/hurt your anxiety?










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