Happy Friday! House progress & low FODMAPs update

Hi, Friends!

Hope you’re having a great Friday!

One pro of moving to a new town in a new state means that I won’t run into anyone I know at the grocery store (meet my introverted side). I really liked running into people I know in Houston at HEB, because Houston is BIG, so it was special to feel like you know someone at the grocery store. In contrast to growing up in a small town, EVERYONE knew each other, which was nice except when you just wanted to be comfortable in your sweats rollin’ through the produce isle, and you run into your entire childhood. By the time I made it back home, my mom was already embarrassed that I left the house looking like a hag because she’d received a phone call about how I was dressed. So in that regard, I like going to the grocery store not knowing anyone. It’s peaceful. I get to think.

I’ve recently began shopping at Sprouts, and I really like it. The prices aren’t too bad for good quality food and okay produce, but not having an HEB (Texans will understand) OR a Trader Joe’s in this town makes me a little sad.

Last night I attempted to make a low FODMAPs orange chicken in a crock pot after a grocery run to Sprouts. I LOVE CROCK POTS. But I didn’t make orange chicken. I’m not sure what it was, but it was good.

Then Zack serenaded me.

This has been my big project: Getting our little house livable. We literally threw all my things into the house when it was time for me to move in because between Christmas and a wedding…there was no time to organize. So much is left to be done.

But check out my new favorite room in the whole house: Thanks, Zack and Jax, for modeling.


Ta-Dahhh! Kitchen. I. LOVE. THIS. ROOM.

If you’re about to have a housewarming party, or you’re getting married…DO register for REALLY NICE KITCHEN STUFF. We have these amazeballs nonstick T-Fal skillets and sauce pans that I LOVE and a stainless Calphalon pasta pot and wok that are so much fun. I’m on the verge of becoming a very good cook just because of how good my new kitchen toys are.

Now to tackle the rest of the house. *prays*

Low FODMAPs update:
-No significant changes so far, but it’s only been four days (out of six weeks)
-Symptoms: still sick as soon as I take my first bite of breakfast, and it doesn’t matter if it’s fruit, lactose-free yogurt, or plain cheerios, but I’m due for an infusion soon. Fingers crossed that works.
-Energy levels are slowly getting better. I can wake up and stay awake…which is better than I could say for the beginning of the week.

Hope you all have a really great weekend!!! Hoping to make it to the park with Jaxon while we have this incredible sunshine and to go for a run.

Keep moving forward 🙂



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