I like HelloFresh way more than Valentine’s Day

I think Valentines day is stupid.

I have been in love for many years, every day of those years. I don’t need you to gift me crappy milk chocolate to let me know that you feel the same.

But in the spirit of Valentine’s day basketball season, we went to the Sooner’s house to watch our Longhorns play last night.


We lost *womp*, but it was a good game, and we had terrific seats…so it was still fun! The weather was cold, miserable, and rainy last night so there wasn’t a big turnout. I cheered loudly, because I’m positive that Zack and I were two of six other Longhorns in attendance. At least our boys knew they had some support ;). We talked to some really nice Sooner fans who were surprised to learn that we are locals. We try to keep our burnt orange to a minimum to keep the peace with the neighbors, but on game days we show up.

If you’re not in the mood for fighting for reservations on Valentines or Friday or whenever, put HelloFresh down as your next date night go-to.


We selected the “Classic Box” with three meals for our first HelloFresh experience.
Last night’s menu: lean green chicken.


The meals are approved by dietitians, and the ingredient amounts are pre-measured. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you’ve whipped up a decent meal in no time! I especially liked how the meals are surprisingly affordable; how fool-proof the instructions were; and how the box contained little fun nutritional facts here and there.


TA-DAHH! We made this meal Low FODMAP friendly by omitting the shallots and garlic. The rosemary, with a bit of salt and pepper, provided plenty of taste for the potatoes! Zack has been such a champ supporting me on my Low FODMAP journey, and he doesn’t complain when he cuts garlic and onions on my behalf. He is the real slim shady.

FIVE STARS FOR HELLO FRESH! We are stoked to be frequent customers after our first experience.

Now that we have that outta the way.

We ended the night by watching “Stranger Things” while Zack graded papers. Jaxon was a big help.


Today’s agenda: trip to the hospital to drop off labs. There is no fear more real than carrying around a bag of your own crap in public and praying to God that it doesn’t somehow escape the not so discrete giant bag. 

Then it’s off to the doc to pick up some ‘roids (I HATE ROIDS, more than my disdain for Valentine’s and every other thing. But something’s gotta give. GIVE ME THE ROIDS.) Operation remix to remission.

And then a therapeutic journey to Whole Foods to hunt down some garlic infused olive oil, followed by a run, and a night of studying for an upcoming nutrition exam.

Hope you are having a great day, and I hope your weather is just as gorgeous as it is here in OKC today!

Keep moving forward 🙂




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  1. Dana @ IveGotCake

    I hear you about v-day. I was startled to see just how many people still fall for this day I mean was i shocked at the fuss everyone was making about it! I didn’t have to heart to break it down for them haha.
    Seems like you guys had a great 14th!


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