Half- Marathon Training Plan: It’s going up on a Tuesday

I find it incredibly, excruciatingly difficult to sit still.

Growing up by the beach (even if it was an ugly Texas beach), I have always felt like the beach is the only place in the world where my mind can be completely calm. The smell of salt, the sound of crashing waves, and the feeling of the warm sun with the gritty sand beneath my feet. Truly the only way place in the world I know how to fully relax.


Many of my close family and friends have applauded this down time that I have between jobs now that I have moved to OKC as something to be thankful for, and I am. “It’ll be good for you to relax and heal and take some time before jumping into another job!”

And I don’t completely disagree with them…but I am going stir crazy.

I have been grateful for this time to get our house in order, and I’ve enjoyed having all day to devote to school if I want. But I’m excited to have another job. I’m excited to use my brain and interact with people on a daily basis (hi, I’m an extrovert). The thought of a paycheck is a happy one.

I’m looking forward to having a routine, and even though I feel like I’m about to lose my mind with having an abundance of free time by myself…I am trying to view this time as an opportunity to lay the framework for a really functional weekly routine once I have a job. I’m going to focus on not overwhelming myself (in the past, I volunteered, held a job, and fundraised thousands for research year-round, all while doing school). Crazy pants! Destress. Breathe, Stacey.

I got a lot of really great reports back on my labs from yesterday’s doctor visit. My inflammatory levels are finally in a normal range- YAY!!! And all my vitamin levels are looking good, so I’m thrilled! Hoping my sleeping patters will follow suit soon, so that I can overcome this fatigue.

My doctor’s resident asked yesterday, “What helps you relax?”

The beach (I now live in a landlocked state. sigh.) Running!

“Then do more of that. Try yoga, too.”

So, today I set my sights on an upcoming half-marathon: The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.


Running, especially for a good reason, makes me feel fulfilled. I can’t wait for this race! I immediately whipped out the planner (Thanks, Linds!) and started planning a training schedule. I am a grandma and prefer hand-written planners over smart phone calendars any day of the week.


Normally I run three days/week and one long run on the weekend, which isn’t too much to make me feel overwhelmed, but it’s enough to get a solid training pattern down. This time I’m doing the same, but I’m adding a “very slow run” on Sundays and adding more strength training, which I’m hoping (in addition to a crap ton of foam rolling) will  help with hamstring tightness.

I also added some small fun runs to my calendar that I hope to squeeze in- collecting medals is fun.

Tonight’s dinner:


Slow cooker chicken breast tenders and potatoes. I haven’t figured out the veggies yet, so stay tuned. If this turns out to be half as good as it smells, I’ll add a post with a recipe tomorrow.

Any suggestions on youtube yogis? Someone to help a girl out with her form and flexibility?

Hope you have a great Tuesday 🙂



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