Wednesdays are for… Job Interviews?

Spring, is that you?


I’m trying not to think about how it’s bluebonnet season in the Texas hill country this month *MARCH!* (wow- time is flying). Everything has been brown here, but then I saw these yellow pretties in my neighbor’s yard today, like they sprouted from nowhere…because I swear they weren’t there yesterday. Had to photograph. So exciting!

Pretty safe to say that my neighbor isn’t a reader of the blog, so it’s okay that I squatted down on their lawn to take this picture. I think.

Today has been crazier than usual…


…I had a job interview!


I didn’t realize this mirror was THAT dirty. Wow. But hooray for new opportunities! Jaxon is also stoked, clearly.
*disclaimer: I hate heels. HATE. And I’m pretty sure I can’t walk in them*

I was legitimately concerned about the real possibility of smelling like a skunk. Underneath our house has become a habitat for a opossum that I recently spotted, and we think he has a skunk friend enemy hanging around. At 2:00am they woke me up fighting and squealing, and our house shortly began to wreak of skunk stank. It was nauseating. Praise the heavens for Febreze.

Everything went great- the people were kind, and I enjoyed meeting them. I didn’t realize how lonely I have been, not knowing many people here. It was so nice to talk to new people. I have a second interview on Friday!

I’m currently eating a cinnamon rice cake, topped with peanut butter and bananas as a snack while I sip on a very small chai tea (which I’m PRETTY sure isn’t low FODMAP appropriate, but this week I begin re-introducing foods into my diet, so that’s my excuse for purchasing one). Update: I didn’t die, and it was delicious.


I stopped by this coffee shop that I’ve been meaning to visit for weeks now, and it almost reminded me of a place that I studied at while at UT Austin. The barrista had silver-blue hair with a zillion earrings and tattoos; the music was strictly instrumental, and it smelled like baked goods and freshly ground coffee. There was a sign on the wall that said, “You’re welcome here, regardless of sex, race, gender, or religion. We welcome you.” And all the furniture was mismatched. Since it was such a gorgeous day, the door was propped open, so it was nice and breezy inside. This place made me happy. Their almond chai was solid, too.


About to hit some weights for a bit. My poor, jelly legs need to build some strength for longer runs.

I think tonight is annual “half dollar hamburger night” with the guy and his work friends/ full price chicken breast night for myself.

Jaxon made friends with a neighbor, which is a big deal because he’s socially awkward.


Hope you’re all having a lovely Wednesday!



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