Spring Break Part Deux Recap

TOO MUCH FUN NOT TO WRITE ABOUT IT! Hope everyone had a fantastic week, wherever you were.

We headed to Sacred Grounds on Wednesday. The weather was warm and sunny with a cool breeze, my favorite kind of day. We opted for breakfast outside by the creek.

I’m a sucker for homemade granola. I really am. It didn’t disappoint! Never does.

Then we headed to the municipal golf course. I’m an aspiring golfer, but mostly just happy to be driving around and keeping score, especially on days like these in the mountains. Zack shot a 75!

He’s much more fun to be around when he’s having a good golf day as opposed to a bad one. 😉

We were going to go wine tasting at a small tasting room, but got distracted:


If you’re ever in Ruidoso, please take note of these places that I’m mentioning. They’re amazeballs. Hidden Tap was tucked away from the main street, Sudderth, and almost underneath a shop. They serve only New Mexican brewed beers, and the staff is so fun. If you’ve got a good sense of humor with an affinity for new places and new beer, try this place!

They had a sasquatch theme throughout the bar with framed, picturesque mountain landscape photos everywhere, but in each photo there was a photo of sasquatch somewhere in a tree or on the mountain.

We had heard that the local merchants had a tough time this year (a few have even closed down) due to the bad, snow-less winter. Ruidoso is the Southern most ski point in the U.S. so it can be hit or miss with the snow, and this year was a hard miss. They closed their ski lifts before Spring Break even ended, the earliest in the mountain’s history. We stopped by some shops to show our support.

Handmade soap!

Not pictured: A “Just Married” Christmas ornament 🙂 We love Christmas.

After lunch pizza we headed for our favorite spot in town: Tall Pines Wine & Beer Garden


Their owners, Tamara and Tyler, quit their unsatisfactory executive jobs and started this patio beauty as their dream job. They made us feel like old friends, and we loved sitting out here and chatting. Not to mention, THEIR BEER. So. Stinkin. Good. This one was a mix of their pecan porter and vanilla on tap. Love in a glass.


Their glass tables had HEATERS for the stability pole. THE BEST INVENTION I HAVE EVER BEHELD. My feet were warm, and I was happy. They also had corn hole and fire pits sprinkled about the patio. Really the best place.

(Different day, same beer)


In case you’re keeping up, we never made it to the wine tasting.

Then we headed home the next morning, early. We were so sad to leave. I think Jaxon was, too. He had a really good time.

The day after our return home, I headed to social security to change my name to Zack’s. YAY!

Then, DPS. But the wait was forever long, so I took a number, then picked up a taco and a margarita on the patio of Torchy’s to celebrate being “halfway there”. Then I went back to DPS to find that I was STILL in line with seven people ahead of me.


Moral of the story: Go buy yourself a taco and a margarita before waiting forever in one of the circles of hell at DPS thinking about how you could be utilizing your time in a million other ways. My life is proof that you can: Solo margarita, a good book (“The Help”) and a breakfast taco. And when you return to DPS, I guarantee that your spot in line will be waiting for you.

Once my number was called at DPS I was informed of a weird Oklahoma law requiring you to wait at least 24 hours after changing your name before you can be granted a state license. BUHH. Oh well. Try again later, sans solo marg and tacos.


I tried my best to trim Jaxon’s fur, but now he resembles version of an albino rodent shedding his winter coat. 😦

And now (FINALLY) I’m back at it


Did two miles and some change, followed by the foam roller and some time with the hip flexors. Hurts so good. Today is four miles. It’s going  up on a Sunday.


With all the beer, (and pizza…and it wasn’t even pizza day), girl scout cookies (not pictured), and vacationing, I need a re-set. The ulcerative colitis is not happy with my choices this past week, so I’ll be starting a Whole 30 after my upcoming Remicade infusion (because those are pizza days). Get ridda that sugah. Remix to remission- back on track.

Have you ever just felt bleh? Or do you wake up feeling gross? Or do you feel like you need more energy but think you don’t have time to work out? Change. Yo. Diet.  It will change your life. Don’t go on a diet, because that can have metabolic consequences; it’s not rocket science. Start making permanent changes for a lifestyle. Cut down on the junk ( you already know what “junk” is). And add more veggies. Limit treats. Your body will thank you, but it takes time and dedication…which really sucks because I had one whole week of foods that I don’t normally eat, and it took zero time to make me feel gross.

Plus, you can’t outrun a bad diet. You can’t. And I’m tired of struggling’. Felt like I was LUGGING myself over hills yesterday…ha

Hope your weekend is better than most 🙂



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