How to Start Over/ Start New in 5 Easy Steps

THURSDAY! Hope it’s a good one!

Today is infusion day…

…which means I’m having pizza today. PRAISE! I didn’t fix my hair ^ but I’m being festive and wearing a pizza shirt reppin’ Homeslice Pizza in Austin.

This morning I got two fasted miles in, followed by  (a very small amount of) quality time with resistance training. Finally getting my pace back down to numbers I nearly recognize (the tens- ugh. getting back into it is SO HARD). After months of fighting paralyzing anxiety and trying to get my symptoms under control, I’m finally getting my groove back and it feels SO GOOD.  Yesterday’s post helped me out this morning- “YOU WILL NEVER FEEL LIKE CHANGING YOUR ROUTINE” and I DID feel like hitting the snooze this morning, but I got up and got it done anyway. I’m learning that “starting over” and “starting” have A LOT in common. Starting over can be even harder than starting in general because you think, “I used to be able to do this faster/better.” Comparison is the thief of joy. Stop that!

Today’s post is about starting new. Spring makes me feel like new life is happening- the flowers are blooming; the bugs come crawlin’ back around (boo); the air feels fresh. Perfect time to start over, or start new! What are your goals? Write them down. Don’t keep those good ideas in your mind- WRITE THEM OUT where you can see them, and they’re harder to hide from 🙂

Some of my goals:
-Become a morning runner, before work
-Stretch and foam roll DAILY
-Be a 9:30 pace for half-marathons (completely attainable- part of getting back into it)

HOW am I going to accomplish these goals?
-I need longer days…which mean earlier mornings (ugh- hurts to write that)
-Diet. Keeping consistent meals and a balanced diet is crucial for meeting energy requirements, and energy is vital to accomplishing these goals
-Foam roll and stretch in the evenings

In my planner, I wrote out days I would run and incorporated info for each workout. For example: (read the pencil; the purple is my dietetics school stuff)

And then I make myself do it (a lot of talking to myself and whining, but it always ends with happiness and accomplishment). I’m not going to feel like it most days, and you may not either, but  do it anyway. If I’m healthy enough to do it- then that’s what I do.

I will write a separate post about how I keep up with my meals.


So how ARE you going to start new?  

1. Write out your goals. Did I say that already? Oh. WRITE OUT YOUR GOALS

2. Make time to do it– this requires DISCIPLINE. It’s called discipline, because it isn’t fun. Waking up early to me isn’t fun, but running is. Make sacrifices to do more of what you love so you can accomplish your goals.

3. Do it. If you want to run more but you’re not a morning person, make yourself go after work in the evenings. If your goal is to walk more, then park farther away from the entrance of the grocery store.

4. Don’t compare. Don’t compare yourself to the picture perfect harming with 8:30 paces. Don’t compare yourself to veteran runners (or professionals of whatever goal you’re chasing after). Don’t compare yourself to how good you USED to manage your time/run/save your money before you blew it. DO.NOT.COMPARE.

5. Focus on the here and now. Keep your goals in the back of your mind always, but focus on now. Focus on your breathing, feel the breeze blowing, keep your mind on what’s happening. Feel your strides. Give each task your all for NOW- think of it as practice. Keep practicing, and one day you’ll be able to celebrate your hard work, discipline, and dedication- because it WILL pay off.


Oh. AND BE CONSISTENT. (probably most importantly)

Then start checkin’ off those goals! I’ll definitely check back when my pace is back down to a 9:30, but until then, I’ll be using my energy for good 🙂 and running, always running.

Hope you all have a great day!!! Go out there and get whatever it is you wanna chase!



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