Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday! Hope it has been a good one!

Weekend recap:

Visited my sister in Dallas and drove to Wacotown to greet our newest friend, Miss Clark!

Disclaimer: I’m normally very uncomfortable and frightened to hold babies. They honestly just freak me out a little, and I know that sounds bad. But Miss Thang fell right to sleep in my arms! Obviously I was too afraid to move her ^ but it’s like she said, “Hey-you’re good! I’m just gonna crash here.” Ugh. I loved her and her perfect red, fuzzy hair. Shoutout to Mom Kaylee for letting us love on her kid all the live long day.

That night we watched Grey’s Anatomy and hung out on the couch- it was a wonderful, lazy evening. Spoiler alert: Sloan and Lexie die (yes- I know I’m years behind but I’m no good at committing to TV shows), and I want to personally write Shonda Rimes a letter and ask her why. Just why. Why would she write such awful, heart-breaking words?



Hopdoddy Burger Bar- AKA my very favorite burger in all the land of Texas. Pictured here is their “Greek” lamb burger (Zack calls it a lamburguesa). I don’t eat beef, but this place never lets me feel like I’m missin’ out even a little bit. Please do visit a Hopdoddy and tell me how it changed your life for the better.


Then, back to Oklahoma:


If you’re ever driving for what seems like an eternity and your playlist just isn’t cutting it, before you begin to feel completely miserable, DO pull over at a rest stop, especially if it’s a scenic one. It was so refreshing to just feel the wind blowing through my hair for two or three minutes before I started cranked the car back up and hit the road.


Working back in a hospital setting, and I truly think I’m going to love this one- the people are incredible, and I’m excited to be learning and doing again. Today was a LONG day of orientation that started out fun, full of jitters, and adrenaline-filled, but ended with frantically finding typos as a means to stay awake. Found one: “pediatrix” ??? But I feel like as far as first days go, this one way pretty great.

Except the ONLY meat protein that I could find to top my salad for lunch was completely processed, leaving me in a bit of ulcerative colitis drama as my intestines audibly, aggressively churned the whole time during our benefits presentation. Not worth it! I’ll bring my lunch from now on haha.

Hope you’re having a great day. I’ll be recapping last week’s mileage tomorrow so stay tuned 🙂



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