Weekly Mileage Rundown

Remember when I said I would recap last week’s mileage today?

Well-  I will do my best, but I should mention that I am dog tired and we are under a tornado warning as I write. Our FIRST Oklahoma tornado! How special.

From now on, weekly mileage will be recapped every Monday by way of a “Monday Mileage” post. If you find that entirely too cheesy to handle, don’t read too far into it: I like alliteration, and I like talking about running; That’s all there is to it.

Last week I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. My long run was scheduled for Saturday morning before we hit the road for Waco, but I got raunchy sick on Friday night, and I ended up using Saturday to recover instead of run. WOMP. Because I actually remembered to pack my running stuff this trip. *rolls eyes*

Tuesday: 4 miles, “fartlek”
-started slow for the first mile to warm up
-surprised myself when I ran up an AWFUL, gradual hill that I normally dread, but I kept running far beyond it and felt like a boss
-got faster coming up on the second and approaching mile three, followed by brief rests between the faster paces
-began having ulcerative colitis symptoms around mile 3 or 3.5 and walked the rest of the way home
-so much for a fartlek. BUGH.

Wednesday: 2 miles, fast
-Just a lot of fun. I love fast miles.

Thursday: Morning run, 2 fast
-cool air, rising sun, me and my feet. Days that begin like these are my favorite
-Followed by weights, which made me feel weak and slightly embarrassed/concerned for my lack of leg strength. Plenty of room to work on this!

Total: 8 miles (didn’t meet goal of 13 miles, so here’s to getting it right this week!). Not going to beat myself up; just going to move forward and do better. No. Big. Deal.

Today was workday #2 at the new job, and I’m liking it even more- no shame that I’m still very much in the honeymoon phase, but my new coworkers are seriously great. They genuinely enjoy working with each other and it’s noticeable, which is so nice! I like when people are eager to support other people.

Not to mention, there are RACE discounts- perks of working for a hospital. WOO HOO!!

Hope your Tuesday was/is a good one! Stay safe if the weather is actin’ a fool where you are too!





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