Transitioning from City Life to Townie Life + OKC Finds

Moving from the fourth most populous city in America to a small town outside of Oklahoma City has been an adjustment. People drive and talk slower, and the drive to  my beloved Trader Joe’s takes over thirty minutes in one direction.

But getting home from work takes eight minutes in rush-hour, and my neighbor brings my dog back with a knock on the door and a smile when my deaf dog inevitably wanders into their front yard on occasion.

I grew up in a small, rural town in South East Texas close to the gulf. We had the beach, pastures and open spaces, and that was enough. Then I moved to Austin for college and fell in love with the city (I am still madly in love with Austin, honestly). I loved walking everywhere and living close to everything I needed. This transferred easily to living in BIG Houston, even though the culture seemed more corporate/industrial in comparison to Austin, and I still firmly believe that the drivers in Houston are some of the scariest in America.


But I grew to enjoy living there.

Now I live in a small town. I feel like I’ve stepped back in time where businesses close early, and people still throw a fit about not being off on Good Friday.


But we have a yard!!!


Honestly couldn’t afford a yard in inner city Houston for at least another few years.

And I love living just down the street from the Sprouts store that I like. I love the small sandwich shop that I found near my office. I like the people. I like the slower-paced life. I confessed to Zack the other day, “I’m a total townie.” I actually LOVE living in a smaller town. It feels so…me.

I worry sometimes about forgetting what America really looks like, though. It’s not just the white “denim lady” down our street who walks her cat on a leash (bless her); It’s the Pakistani family on Richmond teaching their five year old son how to run a family restaurant business as he clumsily delivers my food in the rain to my car. It’s the Nigerian immigrants who work hard at the Kinkos FedEx and blast Beyonce through the speakers. It’s you, and me, and colorful, BIG America. It’s not just my small, quirky town that I have grown to love. It’s big; it’s diverse; and I fully believe that it’s for everyone.

In other news we’ve been working on some home-improvement projects here and there around the house:

Behold Zack’s college dining table. I’d be worried to look at this thing under a black light from all the beer pong tournaments that it withstood.


But after some convincing, Zack labored and sanded this thing so I could paint it 🙂


And now it feels SO. MUCH. CLEANER. I think we will get a few more years of use out of it now. Jaxon is a fan too, clearly.

We recently explored Oklahoma City with some close friends who came to visit for the weekend.


We LOVED Fassler Hall. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I’m not a big fan of sausage…because it’s processed meat, and that normally catalyzes symptoms for me and ends in literal disaster. But I took a chance on the lamb and habanero chicken sausage and it was amazing. When I say amazing, I mean mouth-watering and full of happiness. And I have never said that about sausage. Ever.



Just yes.


Then we spent our sunny Saturday at Bleu Garten, hanging out with other peoples’ dogs, and some food trucks. I discovered a lemon ginger beer by Radler from Kansas City that is a new favorite.


Then we headed to Oak and Ore


They have a TON of drafts that change regularly, so they write the menu in chalk. They had a good selection on sour beers, so I had one that I can’t recall the name of…but it was delightful.


We still have a lot of exploring left to do in Oklahoma City, but we really LOVE the city so far. Can’t wait to see what we find next!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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