Weekend Recap (Father’s Day Weekend)

Hope everyone had such a great weekend!

Friday was [supposed to be] infusion day. Even though I’m in remission, my body needs time to wean off of the infusions. My doctor said this could take time…years even. But, hey, why not give it a go right now? My infusion center FORGOT TO FILE MY NEW INSURANCE back in April… which means an entire approval process of getting the insurance on board with my diagnosis and this multi-thousand-dollar specialty medication, and this could take “up to two weeks” according to my new infusion center. Healthcare in this country is the antithesis of efficient. SO INFURIATING. ughhhh

But on the bright side, I got to hang out with these guys this weekend:


Zack has been working long, hard hours with a crazy schedule, and it was so great just to hang out this weekend. Jaxon clearly missed their quality movie-watching time.


^This went on all weekend with these two- they’re the sweetest.

And guess who got a bath this weekend?? Hint: Jaxon. I mean, technically I did, too. But not the point.

Oh, and one of my best friends/college roommates came into town!


We hung out at Bleu Garten in OKC on Friday night. Highly recommend if you haven’t been there! Food trucks, drinks, and all outside. We shut the place down 🙂

Saturday morning was breakfast at Syrup. My chai tea was SO cinnamon-y and delicious. Not too sweet- just how I like it.


Saturday afternoon I got my hair cut (for the first time in over a year, oops). Then we hung out with some friends and smoked some chicken and sweet potatoes. First experience with smoked sweet potatoes, and it didn’t disappoint!

Just overall a great weekend, the kind that go by too quickly and before you know it, they’ve passed. It was also Father’s Day weekend, so here’s a throwback with me with my Day 1:

View More: http://rebeccataylorphotography.pass.us/collins-wedding

He taught me how to swing a bat, change a tire, and passed down constant misuse of clichés.
“There’s always more fish in the pond.”

View More: http://rebeccataylorphotography.pass.us/collins-wedding

And maybe his dance moves.

View More: http://rebeccataylorphotography.pass.us/collins-wedding

But most of all he taught me how to be generous and selfless and kind. I love this guy, and I’m proud to be his kid fo lyfe.



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