Have you ever got pulled over by a police officer twice in two consecutive days? 

I did recently, and it wasn’t because my tail light was out although I’m fairly convinced someone had tagged my car with a sign only visible to law enforcement that read, “PLEASE PULL THIS CAR OVER NOW.”

The first occurrence resulted in a $235 ticket for a toll violation. I found myself on an unfamiliar turnpike and panicked when I realized that I lacked both cash AND the toll tag sticker. I thought I’d run through the toll tag lane and then immediately call the toll company once I got home and pay the amount due, before I could be mailed a ticket (I’ve done this before and didn’t run into any problems). But apparently, this is the sort of thing that warrants an outrageous citation in this state, and it’s called “taking advantage of the toll system”. Beware if you’re ever driving through Oklahoma on a turnpike, and have your quarters ready, or plan your trip to Sephora better than I did.

The second evening I was driving down the highway, listening to a ’90s country song a little too loudly.

Image result for joe diffie

I’m even more embarrassed to say that this man ^, his mullet and mustache were behind the voice of the song that I was jamming. I wish this was a lie. Hi, I’m embarrassing. 

I saw red and blue lights in my rearview mirror and literally laughed. What now? I was going 73 in a 70mph zone. I left unscathed without a ticket, but I was told to control my speed. I’m still a little confused. SPEED DEMON ON THE LOOSE. It’s me. 3mph over- it’s me.


This evening after work while at a Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation board meeting I received a phone call that I will be getting my past-due infusion on FRIDAY! *Hallelujah chorus* I have never returned to work after a Remicade infusion, so we will see how this goes!

Went to Trader Joe’s today and picked up some food, including watermelon slices that I am particularly stoked to have. Something about watermelon in the summertime (it’s 97 degrees and therefore “summer” here).

I wanted to work out tonight, but I ran HARD yesterday. Tonight = early bedtime for a morning workout. Letting my body call the shots on this one!

Hope you all had a great Tuesday 🙂



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