Infusion Day

Hi, Friends! HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m blogging from my phone, so if the formatting is off that is why. I have never blogged straight from my phone before, so it’s a new adventure-here I go!

Today is Remicade Day 🎉

I went through hospital registration and admission, which took FOEVAH and evah. One hour and 45 minutes after my scheduled infusion, we finally got the show on the road. 

But my blood pressure has been WAY TOO LOW during the duration of this infusion (we’re talkin 80s over 50s…yikes), so I’ve been up walking around lots. But all I wanna do I nappppp. 

See the dark circles ^? You may also notice my fuzzy blanket. I call it “fuzz” and it’s a Remicade Day essential, along with a snack, a big jug of water, some headphones and a good book, just to pass the time. 

The hospital is delivering meals to all the patients, which is really nice but I have sworn off red meat ever since my diagnosis years ago, and the entree is meatloaf. Hopefully time flies by and I can grab something that won’t be painful to digest! 🙂

Yesterday after work my coworker rescued a baby bird whose friend had gotten ran over in the hospital parking lot. Little Guy was still beside him, scared to move! SAD! Thankfully, this guy is going to be okay and got a clean bill of health by a local wild animal rescue. 

I tried a HIIT workout on a stairmaster last night after work and had a near-puke experience. Safe to say I need to cross train more! My legs and hips feel sore in a good way today. 

Then I took Jaxon to run pet groceries with me since he was out of his favorite treats and food. He loved getting all the attention from cruising around in the shopping cart. I should’ve snapped a pic!

Tonight one of my best friends (pictured on the right; sister in the middle) flies in from Houston to hang out for the weekend. I haven’t seen her since our wedding in January when she was in the wedding party! 

Can’t wait to see ya, Christyface!
Hope you have a really great weekend, wherever you are 🙂


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