Weekend Recap: Tex-Mex, Football, & Blue Angels

Hello, Friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent with family in Texas. It seems like I’ve been making lots of trips to Texas lately…

We watched the Astros win against the Dodgers on Friday night, then we woke up early Saturday morning to colder weather for the Texas Exes tailgate before the Baylor vs. Texas game, but more importantly, we ate BREAKFAST TACOS!


The tortillas were sub-par, so I ended up eating heaping forkfuls of egg, pico, salsa, and potato sans tortilla. The pico and the salsa were so great, and the fruit was fresh and made for a delicious breakfast. A cup of coffee later and we were ready for the game!


Zack, my mother-in-law, and I sat next to the Longhorn HellRaisers, and they gladly obliged when we asked to take a photo together. Guess it was good luck, because we had a Longhorn victory! Hook ’em!

The rest of Saturday was spent alternating between naps and more football on tv, Tex-Mex (for the love of tamales), and wrapped up with some baseball. Today we headed back to OKC, but we spent a good amount of time sitting in traffic in Fort Worth.

“OH MY GOSH THE BLUE ANGELS!” I yelled, jokingly. But then I quickly realized that the jet pilots really knew what they were doing and sure enough…the BLUE ANGELS were in town for an airshow this weekend! We pulled over to watch the conclusion of their show amongst hundreds of other spectators in their cars, and it was nothing short of magnificent and a complete, flawless display of badassery. I couldn’t get a single good photo, but this is the best I could do:

We are hoping to make the trip up to Chicago (maybe next year) to see their show through the city.

They were so, SO talented. HOW do these guys fly 40 feet from the ground, accelerate until barely visible, high into the sky, all within a few seconds and just a few feet away from other jets? And how do they have enough spacial recognition to choreograph the whole show? Just so cool, really. Just. cool.


We returned home to a COLD house, and Jax quickly figured out the greatness that is the space heater. Glad to be home- I’ve got a week of organic chemistry to tackle!

Hope your weekend was great, too 🙂



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