Weekend 5K & Being an Imperfect Intuitive Eater

Hi, Friends!

Coming at ‘cha from the hospital break room at work today. If my photos are unusually ugly and my grammar is especially nightmarish, we are gonna still be friends, okay? Good. Real life:

Hope your weekend was restful and left you feeling rejuvenated! I went to (surprise, surprise) Dallas…again. 

Our cousin, Chance, came into town, and we ran a 5K- his first ever race! He’s mostly a weight-lifter, but has recently been adding running to his workouts and is pumped about the mental clarity and energy it has given him. No matter the reason, I’m so stoked to have a new running partner!!

This was a FUN race at Fair Park, home of the State Fair of Texas and the Red River Rivalry between The University of Texas (hook ‘Em!) and OU. 

I actually lost Chance before we even made it to the starting line (fail)…so we didn’t run the race together at all. I did find him on the course though, and I was able to wave from afar!

Just a cool course! Highly recommend both the Rock ‘n Roll Dallas 5K AND Half-Marathon. I’ve done them both, and they’re some of my very favorite courses. 

We grabbed some post-run salsa-filled, Tex-Mex breakfast skillets at Victor Hugo’s on the patio and then headed out for more adventure at White Rock Lake. 

Sophie is basically a famous little Dallas dog with the sweetest personality. We made frequent stops around the lake for Sophie to greet random admirers. 

We had dinner at Saint Rocco’s Italian outside on the patio, and we loved the atmosphere, complete with delicious merlot and spicy shrimp scampi…but the portions were SO small. I do recommend for a fun date spot with a view of the city, though.

We ended the night watching Amazon’s “Sneaky Pete” and sharing cheesecakes from Eatzi’s. All around, a perfect weekend!

I’ve been learning more about Intuitive Eating (read the book awhile ago, and I wasn’t at a place in life to be receptive). Basically, I’ve been focusing on eating without stressing about food…because it’s just food. Letting go of the diet mentality has been challenging (e.g. not beating myself up over delicious cheesecake, but rather ENJOYING the hell out of it, savoring each bite, because I don’t eat dessert or dairy often, and it just tastes good regardless of any justification).  

Part of letting go of the diet mentality is realizing that diets DO NOT work for long-term weight loss. Research supports that people relapse because of binges and a life filled with restriction, as opposed to eating nutrient-dense meals and enjoying every bit of food, salty, savory, and sweet, and everything in between, free from diet mentality and restrictive rules and food regulation. 

But I can’t subscribe to the “all diets are bad” mentality, and here’s why: my experience with doing the Whole30. I did the Whole30 to eliminate foods that could cause inflammation, and since I have an inflammatory disease, I was looking only for non-scale victories: more energy, less frequent poop attacks (explicit version included-you’re welcome), and painless, restful nights. Did I accomplish this in 30 days? Heck yes I did. I did NOT weigh myself before, during, or after the program.  And I did the re-introduction, figuring out which foods to keep in my diet. I did not stay on Whole30 for life because that’s Not how it is intended, and I refused to give binary labels to food such as “legumes are bad” because THEY ARE NOT, and if you walked away from the Whole30 with that mentality, you missed the point. 

I’m just a girl trying to work her way though nutrition school, healing my gut intuitively, and sometimes with a little help from the Whole30, or low FODMAPs, or another science-based elimination DIETS to figure out what THE HELL to feed my stubborn gut to make it heal. Intuition isn’t enough sometimes, and maybe that’s because Crohn’s/ulcerative colitis patients aren’t part of the general population.  We are just a little bit extra.

Does all this make me an intuitive eater failure? I am trying. Does that make me an ignorant supporter of American diet culture? Hope not- Because I’m educated AF, and I’m here to learn, even if I’m not perfect; This bite of cheesecake sure is. 


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