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I’m Stacey! A small-town Texan turned Houstonian Oklahoma City gal with big dreams.


You can catch me hanging outside on a sunny day with my deaf rescue fur baller, Jaxon, and trying to convince my husband/lifer/ball and chain, Zack, that running is fun…he’s not sold yet.


I enjoy yoga, running (bet cha guessed that one), eating, sporting athleisure wear in public when I actually am not working out, exploring new places, and meeting new people, which is why I’m so thankful you’re here! Hi, friend. Nice to meet you. I  hope you leave this blog feeling better than when you found it.


Oh. Running and nutrition are my jam. I will talk about these two loves of my life often. Currently, I’m working on a Masters degree in dietetics and nutrition, and I run for my sanity.


After a Crohn’s disease diagnosis in 2012 at 21, I became immensely interested in nutrition and living a full life, so I signed up for a half-marathon after being a self-proclaimed hater of running. Navigating life with a chronic, lifelong autoimmune disease continues to make life unglamorously hard, laughably interesting, and has a unique way of making one feel alienated at times- so I’m leaning into the big ugly thing that is Crohn’s and talking about it in desperate hopes that I can laugh at myself or help a sista out of a rut here and there.
My main motivation behind this blog: you and me and all the community that is to be from sharing my knowledge, growth, and all the life in between the peaks and valleys.
If you’re up for a dose of real life adventure, I hope you stick around!

You can reach me at happyhangryrunner at gmail dot com for questions, comments, or high fives

-July 2015, Wine Country Half Marathon: Napa Valley to Sonoma, California | Time: I was just happy to finish
-February 2016, Rock n’ Roll New Orleans: New Orleans, Louisiana. | Time: 2:21
-March 2016, Rock n’ Roll Dallas: Dallas, Texas | Time: 2:15:01
-July 2017, Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon: Leesburg, Virginia